If you’re looking for a modern alternative to tiles, glass bathroom splashbacks are the answer. They protect your walls from water, heat and steam. We install the splashback using one single sheet of glass, so unlike tiles, they are easy to clean and way more hygienic.

Bathroom splashbacks instantly upgrade your bathroom and you have complete control over the design. If you are in a hotel and like their style or see a design in a magazine, the team at Glaast can help make this your reality.

The main benefit of a glass splashback is the variety in chooses. You are able to inject a burst of colour into your room or go for a more neutral grey/brown tones. You also have the option to go with mirrored which gives the illusion of the room being bigger and allows light to bounce around. It also provides a useful looking mirror. Alternatively, for those wanting to create a talking point we also offer bespoke printing options. So whether you want to bring the seaside in or have a love for space and want to incorporate this into your design, we’re here to help!

You may question if using glass in a bathroom is safe, due to us at Glaast manufacturing toughened glass, it is. Toughened glass is about five times stronger than normal glass as its made by heating regular glass to 400°C and then cooling it down.