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We recently exhibited at Grand Designs 2022.

Thank you to everyone that visited us and we hope you are inspired by our wonderful products.

If you were unable to make the Grand Designs show and want to see our wonderful new products, come and visit our showroom; where we have all our latest products and collections on display.


Our Mirrored TVs provide you with everything to make your life easier. Combine entertainment and style in one, with our finely-crafted TV mirrors. Seeming like magic, the TV will look like an ordinary mirror until turned on and the TV starts to show. Our mirrors can be supplied with bespoke sizing or you can go with one of our packages with a TV included. Choosing from a range of frame finishes, we can create a mirrored TV to perfectly suite your interior scheme.

Enhance the living room, office, hotel or any room by hiding a TV within a stunning framed mirror that has been hand crafted to meet individual requirements.


If you’re looking for a modern alternative to tiles, glass bathroom splashbacks are the answer. They protect your walls from water, heat and steam. We install the splashback using one single sheet of glass, so unlike tiles, they are easy to clean and way more hygienic.

Bathroom splashbacks instantly upgrade your bathroom and you have complete control over the design. If you are in a hotel and like their style or see a design in a magazine, the team at Glaast can help make this your reality.

The main benefit of a glass splashback is the variety in chooses. You are able to inject a burst of colour into your room or go for a more neutral grey/brown tones. You also have the option to go with mirrored which gives the illusion of the room being bigger and allows light to bounce around. It also provides a useful looking mirror. Alternatively, for those wanting to create a talking point we also offer bespoke printing options. So whether you want to bring the seaside in or have a love for space and want to incorporate this into your design, we’re here to help!

You may question if using glass in a bathroom is safe, due to us at Glaast manufacturing toughened glass, it is. Toughened glass is about five times stronger than normal glass as its made by heating regular glass to 400°C and then cooling it down.



This project was to create a feature wall in a Spa

The client wanted something that would stand out against their cladded walls. After discussing all the options the client had available, they went with one of our own designs. The blue added a pop of colour that the room was missing but the tones of brown through out tied it in with the rest of the interior design.

Featured is our printed and white backed artwork 3-piece panel using one of our designs.


We recently showcased at Grand Designs in Birmingham

We were excited to showcase our products for the 2021 season, catch up with some new and old faces and introduce our ever improving products and services we offer.

A big thank you to everyone who visited us!


Constantly improving ourselves and our services.

New Brand

First and foremost, we have updated our brand! Our new brand reflects the way Glaast has grown since its conception, and in line with the continued development of our services, products and people.
The improved brand ID may appear to be a modest update of our previous brand ID but it’s the changes behind the scenes that has driven the new look.

New website

Focusing on working with professional and trade businesses the new website enables us to showcase the high quality imagery we produce and apply to glass projects for commercial and domestic environments through our library.
The trade services section ensures manufacturers understand the breadth and benefits of our services for their required outsourced processes.
Clean and simple, to the point, honest and professional. That’s our new brand and website.
We’d like to thank The Marketing People for working with us to create our new brand and design and develop our new website. We believe the site and brand now shows us as the company we are, rather than what we were, and has given us the opportunity to promote our services effectively. Thank you to all those who have referred Glaast, the new brand and website will help you when referring in the future.
We welcome any feedback regarding the brand and website, so please let us know in the comments below, or give us a call.


The brief for this project was to clad the bar front, pillars and fireplace of a busy nightclub in Birmingham.

The client was looking for a colour that was in keeping with the club franchise that also had some depth and tone. Through visiting our showroom, they chose an existing walnut effect, digitally altered to give it a deep purple twist.

Through Photoshop we book matched this effect so it flowed effortlessly from panel to panel, whilst also putting careful thought into the panel placement to make the joins look minimal. Once confirmed, the manufacture time of this project was a little less than 3 weeks, which we managed to complete with time to spare.



Glaast are returning to the Surface Design Show this year to catch up with acquaintances and customers alike, introduce the improved products and services we offer to architects, designers, buyers, fitters, specifiers, manufacturers, and decision makers

Giving us the opportunity to meet those working on domestic & commercial projects who are genuinely looking to source new and inspiring solutions for their client base and afford them a point of difference.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and how our products and services will enable you to fulfil the aesthetic, practical and functional requirements of your live and potential projects.

SEE US STAND 456  Click to go to “Glaast at the Surface Design show 2017” on the surface show website.

Surface Design Show - Glaast are exhibiting


This Project was to produce the surface for an illuminated time piece for designer Ben Rousseau.

The project involved creating three distinctive diameters that were sandblasted to Bens specification to allow the surface to illuminate accordingly.

Diameter one and two were from our antique Mirror range, one in our Petelia antique mirror and one in our Cagliari antique mirror. Both surfaces offered a great level of reflection while also looking dynamic and textured.

The third diameter was made using our selvered print technique, using a silvered black shagreen pattern. Putting this effect on first and sandblasting the back afterwards provided the light areas with a fantastic skate skin texture, giving the clock a completely new dimension.

If any of the work in this project is of interest, please feel free to get in touch with Ben Rousseau to help construct beautiful interiors that are intelligently lit, info@rousseau.co.uk



This project was to clad the feature walls of 3 bathrooms in a period home

The brief was to construct the master bathroom in antique mirror, tiled in various sizes, clad the second bathroom in a printed grey birch finish and the 3rd and arabescato marble finish.

To ensure the antique mirrors longevity, each tile had to be sealed once processed to ensure it was immune to the effects of steam and water. The cut-outs had to be carefully judged as the gaps between the tiles could course the alignment of the pipework fittings to be out.

The arabescato print was split into 4 sections, to define the book matched effect, and the grey birch finish had to be templated accurately due to the severe bow of walls. The overall affect gave the rooms a varied and complimentary finish to the period of the home, showing even the most subtle patterns can still give a room a large impact.