Our team is always at hand to help manage your orders efficiently and effectively. Whether it’s by email or phone, we aim to quote your requirements within a 24 hour period, enabling you to budget for particular projects, or relay details to your client with ease.



If it’s a straight sided or simple diameter piece, all we need is the size and type of glass you require. This can be done by email, phone or our online submissions form, from which our details can be found in our ‘contact us’ section.

Cad file

Here at GLAAST, we can convert any cad file type, so please feel free to email it in its original format to sales@glaast.co.uk. Any files to large to send via email can be sent by WeTransfer, for which advice can be found on our FAQ’s page.


For the most precise fit, templates are a great way to ensure the glass will sit in place with accuracy. This can be preferably done in MDF matching the thickness of the glass, however as long as the template is flat we can measure it.
If you are unsure how to go about measuring or templating your project, please feel free to contact us, where our friendly experienced staff is always at hand to offer any advice you require.

Request a sample

We understand the importance of making sure the cladding you have chosen suits the intended interior scheme.
For a small fee you can order samples and stands to display in store for your customers and clients.
We have samples of our antique mirror, wood and marble prints available, so if you find any of interest, please email or phone in with the item number, quantity, company and shipping address and we will quickly inform you of the offers we have available.
All our samples are taken from a crop of a 2000mm X 1000mm Panel, sent in sizes 150mm X 100mm. If you require a bespoke size or print, please feel free to send in the image and desired size and we will get in touch.