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Lawmakers respond to State of the State speech

"At a time when too many are still without work and Hoosier households are earning less than they did a decade ago, Indiana needs leadership. Unfortunately, I did not hear Dianabol 2 Mal Am Tag that in the governor speech tonight.

"We heard the same platitudes, the same speaking points.

"We need a new approach. It time to spend a little more time investing in Hoosiers and taking a common sense approach toward solving the issues facing our state.

"The governor had an opportunity on the biggest stage to demonstrate real leadership.

"He could have stood against injustice, calling on the legislature to set aside House Joint Resolution 3 and instead focus on issues that bring Hoosiers together, not drive them apart.

"That opportunity came, and sadly passed without any intervention."

House Speaker Brian Bosma (R Indianapolis)

"The Governor speech set the right tone for Hoosiers. It was great to see that the legislature is aligned with so many of the priorities the Governor highlighted.

"We will continue to work with Governor Pence and the Senate on our joint effort to address the business personal property tax in a responsible manner. The ideas set forth by the Governor this evening are Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects going to be a continuing part of our discussion of "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" this important issue. I look forward to continuing to "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" work with "buy cheap jintropin online" the Governor and the Senate to find the right solutions for Hoosiers.

"I was pleased to hear the Governor strong support of preschool education. Developing opportunities to provide low income Hoosier families with "Oxandrolone Powder India" more options remains a continued focus for House Republicans.

"We look forward to working with the Governor and the other caucuses to continue to make Indiana stronger."

Rep. Mike Speedy (R Indianapolis)

"Historically, the State of the State has always been a time to reflect Buy Cialis Norway on our goals while serving the people of Indiana. Tonight address from Governor Pence was definitely Anadrol 300 no exception, providing a variety of examples of Hoosier strengths in 2013 along with goals and benchmarks for 2014 and beyond.

"I was pleased to hear that so many points Governor Pence touched on align with the priorities the House has already announced in our own caucus agenda. Particularly, I glad the governor shares the House desire to provide unemployed and underemployed Hoosiers the ability and chance to get back into the job market.